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    I have a problem. A friend of mine has an iPhone 4 with latest firmware. The problem is that when my friend deletes SMS chats from they still can be found via spotlight on homescreen.
    E.g. i chat with John. I have a conversation with him in Then i delete this conversation(then there is nothing about John in
    And then if i go to spotlight search and type John it will show me his:
    1)Address book link
    2)Sms link
    There will be a separate link for each sms. In each row there will be written beginning of the message, and if i tap on this link it will take me to where is nothing about John. It means that all things are being stored somewhere but not in

    I need to solve this problem, so "turning off the spotlight " is not a solution to my problem.

    PS He just called me and told there is same issue on his old iPhone 3GS.

    iPhone 4 - not jailbroken
    iPhone 3GS - jailbroken

    Thanks in advance! ;)
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    this is a problem with OS caching certain information (I believe this also happens in Mail) and it has been around since Apple introduced Spotlight on the iPhone a few years ago, and I've never seen anyone come up with a solution.
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