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    Jan 18, 2010

    xServe OSX Server 10.6.6 fresh install (no upgrade from Leopard)
    internal HD: 1 for system, 2 (2TB each) for data
    1 external FireWire RIAD 6 TB for TM Backup
    client MacPro OSX 10.6.6
    ps. we move aprox 600 gb of data every month from/to the server

    when searching from client we can found some data but not all.

    Tried solution till now (the problem still there):
    A_ I check spotlight is on on share points with server admin = is on on all shared volumes
    B_ I drag booth data volumes to the privacy list of spotlight preference pane, but no indexing start
    C_ terminal command:
    mdutil -s /
    reply = Indexing Enabled

    mdutil -s /Volumes/Data_1 (witch is one my data volume name)
    reply = no index
    it is correct???

    sudo mdutil -E /
    spotlight start indexing server18 (that is the server name

    I look the root of every volumes with hidden files shown and I can find in each a .Spotlight-V100 directory the one in the Data_1 volume is 344 mb

    Other ideas
    seems I need to force rebuiding the indexes in booth the 2 data volumes, but I do know how to do.

    the interesting will be to create a Automator script to perform reindexing periodically every Sunday night to ensure good search result.

    any one can please help?


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