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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Freis968, Jun 7, 2009.

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    I did a Spotlight search for one of my songs that I have written and have files in both Logic - song itself I recorded and a document in Pages of the lyrics. But some of the other 48 items that came up were very strange...including this HTML document to a script that I have no clue of where it came from. I have never done a search for this and don't know how it got asscociated with my song.

    Anyone else have any weird things show up when doing a spotlight search?

    PS Upon reading the script I just realized it is from Hitchcock's Rear Window, one of my all time favorite Hitch movies, but I never viewed this or saved it onto my hard drive.

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    Do you have any software installed that automatically pulls the script from movies, or the lyrics from songs?
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    Spotlight indexes the contents of files as well as the title so if you were searching for a string it is most likely contained in the document that it found, or at least enough of it at various points throughout the document for it to be flagged as a potential answer to your search.


    From the screenshot the documents is in your movies folder. Have you copied the film to your harddrive. If so this could've easily been copied in the process without you noticing.

    If you want to see where a file resides from a spotlight search press cmd+enter on the file/folder and it will show you in Finder where it comes from.
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    Thanks for sharing, that's a neat shortcut!

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