Spotlight showing deleted emails and texts on iPhone - only option to restore?

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    Jan 16, 2013
    Hi. I was shocked to discover that some emails and text which i had deleted months ago are still showing up in Spotlight Search on iPhone!

    I've searched this forum and see it's a problem since 2009! Disgraceful!

    Anyway, I'm not very technical and the only solution I can see is to do a resore. I'm just wondering if i should do a back up and then erase all data from phone and restore from back up or do I need to set up as 'new' again? If I restore from back up will the problem still be there?

    Would be great if there was an easier solution but doesn't look like it after extensive research.

    Can't believe Apple getting away with this for so long! If you delete something it should be gone!!!!!

    PS. It's an iPhone 4 and email account was POP account
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    Jan 16, 2013
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    Deleted text messages showing in Spotlight Search

    The only way i have discovered to PREVENT future deleted text messages from showing in SpotLight Search on iPhone 4s is this:

    Do NOT swipe left to right and delete an ENTIRE conversation (that will allow those text messages to show in SpotLight Search). You must be in the text conversation and hit EDIT in upper right hand corner and INDIVIDUALLY select each entry for deletion. You can select them all of them one at a time and then hit the DELETE button.

    NOW you can go back to your text message inbox and swipe LEFT to RIGHT and delete the empty conversation. This for some reason - prevents those deleted text messages from showing up in the SpotLight Search.

    Try sending yourself a text using the word ZEBRA and delete it like i have explained above and you will see that it NO LONGER shows in your SpotLight Search.

    Good luck......I'm still trying to figure out how to remove deleted emails (even deleted email accounts) from showing in SpotLight Search (and I don't mean turning off messages from the search, that does nothing for the tech savy from turning them back on).

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