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    Nov 27, 2009
    I've noticed that my wifi is spotty on my new 3gs, sometimes gets full bars and sometimes only the dot when at home whereas my laptop always gets a good connection. I've noticed that 3g seems faster than wifi most of the time when the wifi connection is weak. I did a search online and found news articles and blog entries discussing it so it seems this is kind of common but found no real solution. Annything I can do to make it work good and improve reception? I'm typing this on my phone to test it out and yes right now the reception shows the weakest signal and it's noticeably slow to load pages. Kind of inclined to just not use wifi and stick to 3g which is consistent and impressive but I would like the wifi to work properly. Any tips are appreciated.

    Edit: I just renewed the lease on the connection which improved it to full bars and it's down to one bar again now within a minute. Pretty annoying as speed difference is huge. Have my router in the room next door and when in the same room bars show full. Is the wifi chip on the iPhone really that weak that it drops so much just a room down I don't live in a big house just a two bedroom condo. Spotty is the best way I would describe it sometimes it's ok (like now intyping this edit) and gets the full three or at least two bars but sometimes only the one bar and then it's noticeably slow. Thanks in advance.
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    Nov 27, 2009
    To follow up a little, I downloaded the app for the phone to test the connection speeds and it seems it is good most of the time. My connection at home is a 2mbps one and I am getting speeds around 2mbps download and 600kbps upload speeds with wifi which is normal, occasionally I get around 700kbps download speeds though when I have the weak signal but it seems to be holding OK most of the time now (I did a hard reset and renewed the lease on the wifi connection which seems to have helped for some reason), most of the tests revealed a speed in or around the 2mbps range.

    What I found surprising is how fast the 3GS is. The Fido network in Canada supports 21mbps where I live (Toronto) and the 3GS has a 7.2mbps top speed and I am getting speeds in the 1.8-2.2mbps range for download speeds which is good. I even got one (out of five or so tries) at 3.45mbps!! No wonder the phone sometimes feels faster on the 3G network than on wifi, I'm guessing the spotty wifi issue is stemming from the fact that I only have 2mbps dsl connection and that the iphone seems to get a weaker signal sometimes and so drops to 700kbps or so on occasion. Of course upload speeds are in the 240-250kbps range with 3G but man is this thing fast overall especially after using a blackberry to browse the web :)

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