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Apr 12, 2001

Earlier in the month, Sprint launched an iPhone 8 discount program that brought the total price of the smartphone down by $350 through discounting the cost of monthly leases. Today the carrier has revealed a similar promotion will be coming to Apple's iPhone X, just a few days before pre-orders for the device begin on October 27.

Like the iPhone 8 deal, there are a few stipulations to come with Sprint's discount. First, to get the 64GB iPhone X at $22.22/month (down from $41.67/month) you'll have to sign up for the Sprint Flex leasing program, and you'll need to trade in an eligible smartphone. The Apple devices currently eligible range from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to this year's iPhone 8 and 8 Plus; various Android smartphones are also accepted. Both existing and new Sprint customers will be able to take advantage of the deal.


Under Sprint's deal, you'll be paying about $400 for the 64GB iPhone X over the course of the 18-month lease. Afterwards you can trade in the device to Sprint for a new lease and continue the program (which you can do after 12 monthly payments with iPhone Forever), or choose to keep the iPhone X. If you do, Sprint's $22.22/month discount will no longer be applied for the remaining monthly payments and the price will again rise to $41.67/month. With the 18-month discount and 6-month regular price, the 64GB iPhone X would come out to about $650 total, down from $999.

Additionally, Sprint announced that it will offer a "best price guarantee" for the iPhone X, so if you see a nationally advertised lower price within 14 days of your Sprint lease activation or preorder, you can receive the difference via a Visa Prepaid Card.

Verizon also announced its own iPhone X promotion today, but it appears the carrier is simply offering up to $300 off the device in regards to eligible smartphone trade-ins. Verizon hasn't yet delved into what this could be on a monthly lease basis for the iPhone X, but the company did say that the $300 trade-in/promo credit will be applied over 24 months, and ends when the balance is paid or the line is terminated/changed to another plan.

If you're looking to trade in your current smartphone ahead of the iPhone X's launch, Gazelle is gearing up to debut a promotion where you can get 10 percent more cash back on any smartphone traded in between October 24 and November 7. Gazelle offered some pricing examples of how the promotion will affect the trade-in values of a few iPhone models:

[*]iPhone 7 256GB - up to $335 + 10% promo = $368.50
[*]iPhone 7 Plus 256GB - up to $360 + 10% promo = $396.00
[*]iPhone 6s Plus: 128GB - up to $215 +10% promo = $236.50

For more of the latest deals heading into the launch of the iPhone X, be sure to head over to our Deals Roundup.

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Update: T-Mobile has an offer similar to Verizon's, allowing customers to trade in a qualifying iPhone and get up to $300 off the iPhone X via 24 monthly bill credits on T-Mobile's installment plan. T-Mobile's offer begins Friday, October 27, alongside iPhone X pre-orders.

Article Link: Sprint Announces $350 Discount for iPhone X on Sprint Flex With Trade-in [Updated]


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Feb 21, 2011
Verizon deal is not great if you have unlimited, but can be terrible if you don't have an unlimited plan. I am still on a fixed data plan with 9 members. For us to switch it would increase our bill $150...


Oct 16, 2017
T-Mobile has a $300 trade-in offer with very similar terms and conditions.
I believe in John Legere. Just wait when T-Mobile will offer a better deal closer to launch. Just too bad no Band 71 but I don't care since I don't live in those states.


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Jul 17, 2002
Verizon deal is not great if you have unlimited, but can be terrible if you don't have an unlimited plan. I am still on a fixed data plan with 9 members. For us to switch it would increase our bill $150...

Yeah, the $300 trade in deal for the 8 was lukewarm at best, but the requirement that you are on one of the unlimited plans is a dealbreaker. I was anticipating not upgrading to the X, but holding out for a great trade in deal to sway me, however if it comes with a requirement to switch to unlimited plan, I won't do it.


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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Still no word yet for Canadian providers on anything related to iPhone X.

I just realized that I’ll be a brand new customer to any of the big 3 next month as I’m sick and tired of Freedom Mobile’s piss poor performance. This means a potential iPhone X upgrade, hmmmm.


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Jul 17, 2002
Verizon's offer is the same as for the 8/8+. $300 off trade in of a 6s or higher with enrollment in unlimited plan. Pass.


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Aug 14, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
Woz says he's not going to be a "day one" iPhone X owner. But his wife will. He's taking a wait and see view on Face ID. Maybe he knows something he's not telling us?
I guess if he really knew there were some issues with the hardware/FaceID, he would advise his wife to wait too. I think he's just adjusting to the reality like many others that you don't need to have something new and shiny the same day it's released, especially if he has an iPhone 8 that pretty much performs the same.
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Sep 19, 2012
So you pay off a phone you cant keep it? America is weiiiiiiiird

I can't speak for the others, but with Verizon, when you pay off the phone it is yours to keep. It isn't a lease. It is financing for 24 months with no interest.
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