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    Oct 17, 2014
    I want to purchase a sprint iphone5c i live outside the US, and i know that sprint phones are cdma but the iphone5c are compatible with cdma and gsm. I know by buying an unlock code i can use the phone outside of the US what i want to know is if i buy a sprint iphone5c, will i be able to use the gsm section of the phone by unlocking it.
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    If you can get it officially unlocked it will work no problem. I do the same thing with my Verizon iPhone 5c all the time....problem is Sprint has insane unlocking policies and even if you get it unlocked by Sprint you can't use it in the US..but if you buy an unlock code and get it unlocked that way it should work fine. What country/operator are you in/on? I can see if the frequency bands are supported and what not.
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    If you purchased a bad esn phone and bought an unlock code will it work outside of the country that the phone was bad esn for
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    you never ever buy a sprint iPhone unless you actually have sprint towers and you are a sprint customer.

    sprint iPhones run on special sprint firmware

    sprint says they cannot unlock apple products on their latest unlock policy pages

    all sprint will do is allow you to run with an international sim. something you would be able to do in other carrier iphones with less red tape

    buy a verizon iPhone and you will have nothing to worry about. if you buy an AT&T or t-mobile iPhone from their stores they will unlock them, providing you were an actual customer. if you buy an AT&T iPhone and you were never a AT&T customer or that iPhone was never associated with an another AT&T customer, they will not unlock your phone.

    if you can't get a verizon iPhone, get the t-mobile iPhone from the apple store. as long as its tmobile and its from the apple store its fully unlocked

    the iPad air 2 and iPad mini 3 came out. for the first time ever you can take these iPads to sprint without worrying about loading sprint firmware, or showing sprint your receipt proving you bought it i hope the next iPhone has this feature.

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