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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by engineer89, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Nov 17, 2014
    First, my question: Does swapping out a foreign SIM for the Sprint SIM that comes in new Sprint iPhone 6's prior to the first power up in any way prevent the iPhone from being locked by Sprint for international use. (I understand that unlocking Sprint iPhones for domestic use is impossible; I'm only asking about international use)

    Now, a little background: I recently purchased an on-contract Sprint iPhone 6, and have not yet powered it on - though it was added to my account at the store (edit: Best Buy) already. I will be taking a trip overseas in about 3 weeks and would like to use the phone with local carriers while I'm there. Unfortunately, according to Sprint's international unlock policy, I won't be able to get them to unlock the phone before then since it won't have been active for 90 days (edit: FWIW, my Sprint account has been active and in good standing for 10+ years, but it sounds like the only thing Sprint cares about is whether this particular device has been active for 90 days). I've read hints online about being able to prevent a Sprint iPhone from getting locked internationally by swapping in a foreign SIM for the standard Sprint SIM when first powering it on. Is there any truth to that? Would Sprint have any way of noticing that I've powered it up this way? Would it cause any problems with my account with them?

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    All I've heard is anecdotal and any of that was for Sprint iPhones bought full price at an Apple store.

    If you bought this phone on contract from a Sprint store though, I would say it's already completely locked.

    Sprint has the IMEIs of all the phones they buy from Apple. Doesn't matter where you bought it. Those IMEIs are prevented from being in the unlock database from the get go. And only Sprint can submit them for an international unlock.

    Somehow, though it seems (if reports are true) this is slightly different at an Apple store, but only if you've purchased full price and the first activation is with a foreign SIM.

    I can't help you any further beyond reporting what I've heard.
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    Thanks anyway! Really appreciate all the other posts you've written on this topic as well. Reading through those has been helpful.

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