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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by php111, Dec 22, 2016.

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    I have the Sprint iPhone SE (Model A1723), and I first requested an unlock with Customer Care over the phone and she said she processed it and it could take about 3 days. I than went on International chat and this was like hours later after my phone call and I asked on chat to check the unlock status request. It sounds like over the phone they did not process because the chat was processing it. They told me to complete the SIM unlock, I would need to backup, reset, and restore. Well, I just restored with iTunes, but first I took out the SIM and instead of an unlock message and I get no SIM card message and to disconnect my iPhone from iTunes and insert the SIM. Could it be I need to have the Sprint SIM inserted to complete the unlock request? I confirmed with chat if they was processing for both Domestic and International use and they said yes. I do not have any SIMs for another company to test.
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    The way this works is that Sprint (as the other carriers do) send your IMEI to Apple. Apple puts the IMEI in their unlock database and Apple's servers issue a new over the air activation policy for your iPhone.

    When your iPhone checks in with Apple's servers the activation policy is applied and your phone is unlocked.

    The advice they give you about restoring is bogus and hasn't been necessary since 2011. Even Apple's own instructions regarding unlocking mention restoring as a secondary option.

    That said restoring within iTunes will give you the "Congratulations, you're unlocked" message if you want to see it.

    But you need to perform the backup and restore with the Sprint SIM actually in the phone.

    You will always get a "No SIM" message whenever there is no SIM in the phone. It's a reminder, not an error.

    So put the SIM back in the phone and repeat the process.

    Good luck!
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    go to tmobile and try out a sim. My wife had her 6 unlocked and it took less than a day.

    Popped in a tmobile sim and worked right away.

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