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    I had the iphone 4 with Sprint and my phone did not have a sim card try. I was on the CDMA network. I now have the 1phone 5 with T-mobile. My co-worker has the iphone with Sprint and has shown me his phone has a sim card. I thought phones on CDMA did not have a removable sim card.
    Is this something new with Sprint using sim card on their CDMA network?
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    The sim inside the sprint iphone 5 and 5S is to connect to Sprints LTE network if available on a particular area.
    CDMA still doesn't require a sim card.
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    Just to add to this. Your friend's SIM card is paired to his device. Were he to pull it out and put another Sprint SIM card inside he would have no LTE.

    You have to use the card that Sprint or Apple pairs to the device in order to get LTE. The network checks.

    Lastly, the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s are world phones so they have the capability to function on GSM networks. To do that though you have to get Sprint to unlock the phone. Sprint will only do that for international use.

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