Sprint LTE vs AT&T LTE

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    Hello so I am for the first time considering Sprint because Sprint will have LTE in my area soon, only thing is it is 4 months away and my contract ends in 1 month. I currently have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII. Im not sure whether to hop over to Sprint or stay with AT&T. I do travel frequently and I travel to Germany quite often. Would Sprint be able to get me coverage in Germany? Also how is sprint when you get outside of an LTE area? Thanks! :cool:
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    Sprint LTE is very limited and it's 3G network is unbearable. Stick with AT&T.


    Also remember that Sprint is a CDMA carrier, not GSM. A lot of high end phones on Verizon are world phones.
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    These are the speeds I get in LTE (first two entries) and outside of LTE (third entry).

    When I travel to areas with poor Sprint service speeds can dip below 1Mbps.

    Edit: As for international calling, Sprint will unlock the SIM slot for use internationally, so you can grab a prepaid SIM and pop it in. At least this is what I understand, I haven't tried it yet.

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