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Discussion in 'iPad' started by ecschwarz, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Jun 28, 2010
    I'm wanting to try out some new carriers while traveling and as much as everyone rips on Sprint, I thought their plans were worth checking out on an iPad (and also doing a bit of coverage research for work). My iPad Pro was an Apple SIM-equipped model, but the Apple SIM is long gone. I picked up a Verizon SIM and a T-Mobile SIM (200MB!), but Sprint seems clueless as to me trying to get a SIM to use these plans (the same ones as an Apple SIM would use as prepaid):

    Anyone have any ideas for dealing with Sprint on this issue? I know I could probably go to the Apple Store to get an Apple SIM, but thought I'd try the closer option or an online option.
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    Nov 11, 2015
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    You could try eBay but with a Sprint sim they need to tie the iccid of the sim to your meid of the iPad and only a store can do that for you. Don't know how the Apple iPad sim works with these plans but must be on the back end somehow. If you don't have. An iPad air2 or pro you need a carrier sim and that can only be done thru a store.
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    Yeah - I think I figured something out, but we'll see. The first Sprint store I visited gave me a SIM and rang it out (free) - popping it in yielded an error on the iPad's "Manage Sprint Account..." button in Settings > Cellular.

    I visited a bigger, corporate store near me and after explaining what I was trying to do and after a few people relayed my issue with each other, the manager gave me a new BYOD SIM (came in a small cardstock envelope and had a 3-way punchout for a traditional SIM, micro SIM, or nano SIM). They did check my MEID to make sure it would work. Popping that one in (again, with no prior account creation or setup) yielded the expected screen allowing me to add it to an existing Sprint postpaid account or set up a new Mobile Broadband Pass.

    I'll be doing some traveling in a bit, so that's when I'll probably fire it up and see if it'll let me start service.

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