Sprint Store horror story! Please help with lost data on iPhone.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by slipper, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. slipper, Oct 17, 2014
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    Hello there folks. I was hoping someone could assist me with this. Long story short: after going to the local Sprint store five separate occasions and spending approx 3-4 hour total in store over the last three days, the folks at the Sprint store lost all my girlfriends data (most important are photos, text msgs, and third party messaging app messages) off both her old and new iPhones. I wish she would have told me before initiating the trade-in and purchase of her new iPhone 6+ but she didn't and the old iPhone was not backed up to a computer.

    On our 3rd visit there, they said they would be able to transfer all photos using a device with both phones connected. The sales rep instructed us that it would be approx 5 hours to complete the transfer. 4th visit there the transfer was not completed yet so they instructed us to leave our phones there overnight to give it sufficient time to transfer. My girlfriend goes there today (for the 5th time) and discovers both phone are wiped of all data.

    We have decided to terminate the new contract and return the new iPhone 6+ and walk away with her old iPhone 4 with no data except for her contacts we restored via iCloud. Is there ANYTHING we can do to recover her data? Some sort of data recovery software?

    Thanks in advance
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    Have you checked her iTunes for any old backups? Also can't believe it takes them several hours to do a transfer. When I upgraded from the 3GS to the 4S at Radio Shack, it just took a few minutes.
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    There were never any backups. She is totally non-technology oriented. Had i known she was going to change iPhones, i would've backed it up to a computer. But the sales rep reassured her that (in his words) GUARANTEED he would be able to transfer the photos and to not worry. Even though she originally wanted her text messages and third party messaging app messages, she felt the compromise to only get her photos was ok with her.
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    This doesn't even sound like something they should be doing. Sounds like this scummy sales guy just wanted to look through her pics. You should call up sprint and demand something in return for this giant cluster cuss.
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    If you had no iCloud and no iTunes backups then the data is gone.

    The phones were wiped. And it sounds like they were wiped multiple times.

    Even if you had file level access (possible only with a jailbreak) you'd still be out of luck.

    Is this a corporate store? I ask because there are third party stores that contract with Sprint. They use the store logo and marketing materials, but they are not Sprint.

    Lastly, any story of a "transfer" you were given is BS. Apple itself does not "transfer" anything via a device. They have you back up to iCloud and then restore from iCloud. If you don't have an AppleID to do that they help you set one up so you can back up. If that's something you don't want to do, then they can't help you in backing up and restoring, except to recommend an iTunes backup.

    So, the rep was trying to buy time. They knew they screwed up and they were probably hoping they could recover the data somehow. Since Sprint only got the iPhone in 2011, combined with the high turnover rate of Sprint employees, any training on how to actually use an iPhone is probably pretty minimal. At the very least, it shouldn't take 5 hours!!!

    The last time I had to "transfer" data was from a Sanyo Katana to an HTC Touch Pro. It was done in 15 minutes, right in front of me.

    You were lied to and they were trying to cover their butts.

    Yet again, why I do not deal with my carrier (Sprint) unless I absolutely have no choice in the matter.
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    I work for a major wireless carrier that is in competition with Sprint and it still doesn't take us at my corporate store 5 hours to transfer files.

    We just got a new tool that can transfer thousands of pictures and contacts and even music in as quick as 10 to 20 minutes.

    Sounds like this rep was either new or using old technology to transfer (UME machine designed really for just contacts transfers or basic to basic phone).

    But typically the iPhone will back up to iCloud every time it is connected to wifi and charging overnight so that may be a solution as well. Good luck!

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