Sprint vs. AT&T 4S. Verizon is not option.

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    Being a student at University of MD.
    Sprints pricing 450minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile, unlimited data, unlimited text @ $67.39.
    AT&T is 450minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile, 2GB data, unlimited text @ $75.24.

    Which would you choose in terms of service quality and monthly rates? Sprint will be $7.85 cheaper a month, but by the end of 2yr. I can let my dad have my AT&T iPhone (jailbroken and software unlocked) to use on his t-mobile (if not sold to AT&T) service, if I were to buy the AT&T version. Also, I like being able to immediately take the sim out of the iPhone and use it in another device if my phone ever breaks. Since sprint is CDMA and most of their phones (if not all) don't offer sim cards, then I can not quickly switch phones in case of an emergency, etc. Also don't most international carriers use GSM, so the AT&T might be a little handier? But then again, I would save $200 with Sprint after 2 years. Please, I need help deciding.
  2. wongster41 macrumors regular

    Jun 7, 2010
    Stick with AT&T, sprint network is slow on 3g.
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    Sprint also has awful coverage in the DC Metro area...

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