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    At the WWDC Apple surprised everyone with that little sproutcore announcement... I've tried to find out more about it but I can't. I saw their website and checked out their example stuff, but I want to know more. Will I be able to use it programming in ObjC/Cocoa? Will it work for PC users as well as Mac users? When is it coming out? What tools will I use?
    If anyone has more information on it I'd love to see it :)
    Thanks! Nate
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    SproutCore is a framework that is designed to allow faster development of "thick" applications that run in the browser. The "application" that is generated is all HTML, Javascript, and CSS. You would use this to build complex web apps without having to write all of the javascript and html yourself. You will have to write some HTML, some Javascript, and I believe all of the CSS. You will also have to write some Ruby to interact with the SproutCore framework. Essentially you write your app as HTML, Javascript, CSS, and some Ruby, and SproutCore replaces the ruby with generated Javascript and HTML.

    Since SproutCore development requires ruby, you should be able to use it anywhere you can install ruby, which is practically anywhere.

    Applications you generate with SproutCore should run in any browser, but I haven't tested it so it may not play as well with IE as Safari, Opera, Firefox, et al (Though the site claims compatibility).

    You may want to read the "About" page for more information:

    As far as I know, it's "out" now. You can download it and start working as soon as you have Ruby. It is not 1.0 yet, so I guess technically it's pre-release software, but I don't think that disqualifies it as usable software, it's just not bug-free or completely mature yet. Hopefully what changes from now on won't break applications you write now, but you can't be positive about that.

    As for the tools, you will need a text editor to write the rhtml files, ruby to "compile" them into html and javascript, and a browser to test in.

    SproutCore has nothing to do with ObjC/Cocoa beyond, perhaps, inspiration. You will not write any Objective-C, and even if the Framework is Cocoa-like, it is not Cocoa.


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