SPY Mouse, the Cheesy New Game from Firemint, Free at Starbucks Next Week

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    SPY mouse is the latest game from Firemint, the Australian developer behind Real Racing and Flight Control. In the game, players guide Agent Squeak through 72 levels on 6 worlds, gathering up precious cheese.

    The control scheme is very similar to Flight Control, with players tracing Squeak's path through the various levels, swiping to avoid obstacles, cats, and using "zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups", all set to a 60's-era spy movie soundtrack.

    The game is the first to be released by Firemint since it was acquired this past May by Electronic Arts, and has been released under EA's developer account on the App Store. The company notes that the game has been in development for more than two years and well-predates the EA acquisition.

    For gamers with a little patience, however, SPY mouse can be snapped up for free via the new App of the Week promotion at Starbucks. Starting Tuesday August 30, Starbucks will be giving out Spy mouse redemption codes for free at all US locations.

    For players who don't want to wait, SPY mouse is available now on the App Store for $0.99. [iTunes]

    Hat tip to TUAW.

    Article Link: SPY Mouse, the Cheesy New Game from Firemint, Free at Starbucks Next Week
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    Orrrr you could stumble across a Starbucks that put the cards out early and get it right now. Oops.
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    all Starbucks participating?

    Last week, there was supposed to be Shazam HD for free - I went to 3 Starbucks in Dallas - they all looked at me like I was crazy when I asked where the free app cards were. They all thought I was there to apply for a job. It was so frustrating...

    Is this offer only available at specific Starbucks locations?
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    Try this week. It "officially" didn't start until this past Tuesday, the 23rd. Good Luck!

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