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    There are programs that can scan and check, but it is difficult without knowing what you're looking for.

    No. Not unless the email contained an installer that you launched and then authorised with your admin password.

    No, Windows malware cannot run on your Mac if you're not running Windows.

    That's the only evil stuff on your Mac. Get rid of MacKeeper and any "cleaning" app. They are unnecessary and often worse than the "problem" they try to fix.
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    get rid of MacKeeper and CleanMyMac. They are known to overdo it and sometimes result in an unbootable system. macKeeper is more malware:


    the way it is marketed and praised (by shills) points to unethical developers and it should be avoided at all costs.
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    The Google process is a software updater for Google software.

    As for uninstalling CleanMyMac and MacKeeper: run the installer and see if it has an uninstall option. Otherwise, just delete those LaunchAgents, and make sure the apps are deleted from /Applications.

    BTW, what made you think that you might have spyware installed?

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