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    I'm taking a database class. Intro stuff..learning SQL..

    I'm looking for a good (preferably free) SQL browser so I can do exercises.

    I've found SQLite Database Browser which is pretty much what I'm wanting, but it doesn't highlight keywords/clauses/commands in the SQL query/string window, which would be a great boon (and line numbers).

    Does anyone know of a slightly more advanced program that's out there?

    Edit: I believe what I'm wanting is something with a "Live SQL Query window"
  2. hiddenmarkov macrumors 6502a

    Mar 12, 2014
    if using mysql you could maybe give mysql workbench a go for what you need.

    For writing up sql scripts you could also look into using a text editor that supports syntax highlighting for your sql flavor chosen. CBA to look at all of them but I use bbedit and it supports mysql syntax highlighting and can bring up lists to select for autocomplete of commands.

    It would not be the only one of course (forum wars have started over text editor/IDE arguments and do not want to start one here lol), you could look at other alternatives and see if they support it.

    All you lose in text editors is convenient autocomplete of actual names (db, table, etc) used in your DB.

    A good text editor will become a very long term friend if you do more than sql script writing so by all means try as many as you want and pick based on what you like.
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    App Q&A testing by request.
    Oh I have Text Wrangler for actual scripting...this is purely a look for smething to do SQL queries in while doing the exercises, so not even full database management now.

    SQLite Studio gets me closer to what I want, but its query and results are in the same window and have to switch panes to see them.

    I guess what I'd love to find is something that highlights/colors reserved words like Apple Script Editor does, but that might not exist on the mac side (the teacher used a Windows commerical program in the lectures that does it..Database Master I think)

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