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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by boyplunder, Apr 30, 2009.

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    I have a number of apps in progress that all use SQLite as their base. I read a few posts this morning on people asking about how to manage the data part and, instead of posting to each thread, I thought I would share some things for any noob, like us, as a help.

    For some time we have been using FileMaker Pro to set up and work into the basic data for our apps. This is so that more than one person can connect and edit or update the entries. This is also because FileMaker is very easy to update on the fly for adding fields and sorts, etc. It's also great at setting up related tables in much the same way you use them in SQLite, where there are two keys and two tables, or more of course.

    FireFox and SQLite Manager
    We have been exporting this to a tab-delimited file and importing this into SQLite Manager in the FireFox browser. [Strangely, a CSV file screws up in a number of ways, but not a tab file. Certain characters get lost, for instance.] SQLite Manager is a free add-in that you can download and install from within FireFox, incase you didn't know.

    SQLite Database browser
    This is a free mac software that makes preparing the final database much easier to handle, edit and save. It's very much like SQLite Manager, but stand-alone.


    One thing you have to deal with is accented characters and returns, which don't seem to work too well if the software you are using applies clever replacement techniques 'as you write' to look good, but don't transfer well.

    Hope this helps those new to SQLite and how to manage their data. I would be interested to hear about other issues, methods or software people are using.

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