squeezing by the home button scrambles screen

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    Mar 15, 2011
    I am an ipod Noob. Just got it yesterday. I bought the 1st gen touch off of someone on Craigslist. They said there was nothing wrong with it of course. They handed it to me turned on. i flipped through the aps and stuff it seemed to work. I turned it off and tryed to turn it back on and it wouldn't turn on. I tried the reset stuff on youtube and that at least got it turned back on but it kept turning itself off and the screen kept scrambling. I then realized it was jailbroken. So i unjailbroke it. I installed 3.1.3 and restored it. It now will turn on and stay on, but if you put very little pressure on the bottom right and the bottom left corner of the ipod it will scramble the screen vertical colored lines completely cover the whole screen. Some times the lines are purple and black. Sometimes the lines are more yellow and white. Sometimes its almost all white. If it does this during a song the song stops and the ipod needs to be reset. There is also a pinky sized gray pressure spot on the screen. I was going to replace the lcd. Is the lcd going to be worth replacing? Is there an easy fix to the scrambled screen problem? Unjailbreaking made the problem less of a problem. Did i just get totally ripped off on craigslist? Sorry about the long post i didn't want to leave out any details. Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Sell it for ten bucks more on craigslist. Buy another iPod. Repeat until lines disappear.

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