SR MBP Screen Question (Not what you think).


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Jul 2, 2007
Hey guys,

It's not about the yellow screen :)

I have noticed that when I open the laptop without having turned it off, it takes a few seconds for what I believe is my color profile to load up. It has a blueish tint before going back to it's normal colors. Is this normal of all laptops, something that I can fix myself, or would you reccomend taking it on to a genius bar? It's a SR MBP BTW.

Thanks in advance!



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Jul 18, 2002
OK, I have a MBP that I got from work and am playing with for the weekend :)
The screen isn't yellow but desperately needed calibration so I loaded in a profile from one of the profiles someone posted in another topic. It does briefly show the other profile before switching when you wake it up. One other thing, when I look down upon it from an angle, it's kind of got a bluish tint. When I look up at it from an angle, it's got a magenta tint. Since the keyboard is below the screen, the magenta tint reflects onto the keyboard giving the keyboard a reddish hue. Nothing earth shattering by any means although I wasn't sure if anyone else's had the same attributes. By the by it's an LG screen (9C67).


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Jul 16, 2007
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hm, that's odd. I put my MBP to sleep and woke it. I am not getting any color profile changes on my screen. The profile appears immediately. FTR, I used SuperCal to calibrate the screen.