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    A couple of weeks ago I had my 2011 27" iMac upgraded from a 1tb HDD, to a 3tb HDD (Barracuda) and 128gb SSD (Samsung 840 Pro). I use bootcamp for work so I've always split my drives 50/50 OSX and Windows.

    I'm running Windows and OSX off the SSD, and using the HDD as my internal storage drive (user folders, work docs, games etc).

    Today I finally got round to installing my old copy MacDrive 8 from a fresh install, except I must have done something wrong - my OSX HDD partition wasn't Journaled and became corrupted.

    Formatted as a Journaled HFS drive and copied all my files from my backup once again.

    Except for some reason it's set my HDD drive up as Core Storage. There's a Local Volume Group (I think it's called), and I can no longer access my OSX HDD partition from Windows. It's completely fine under OSX, but not Windows.

    Perhaps this is the drive that Apple uses, so it tries to make it a Fusion Drive? But it's only affecting the HDD part and not the SSD.

    Is there a non-destructive way to remove Core Storage? Is there a way to keep it off my system for good? Is anyone else using a Barracuda HDD and Samsung 840 SSD (which I believe normal Fusion drives use)?

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