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Mar 31, 2011
My situation about drives is like this:
i am rendering with afters effects and commonly Fcpx (1 hour videos).
i have;
7.200 rpm WD Red 3 TB for my media (footage)
10.000 rpm WD 500 gb
256 GB Samsung Pro
Now, how must i organize the hard drives? in many articles i read SSD as scratch but in a video Larry Jordan says SSD for system (with other several articles as yours). i confused...

1. Way
WD 10.000 rpm for iOS
256 GB SSD as Scratch
2. Way
WD 10.000 rpm as Scratch
256 GB SSD for iOS

if 2nd way is not much slower then 1st one, i will choose 2nd, so i will have speedy system with sad.


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Jul 27, 2010
fcpx doesn't use a dedicated scratch disk - it renders it's scratch media to the project folder. you'd probably get a slight speed advantage while editing (not while rendering) from the ssd or the wd-drive - but it should not matter too much as long as you don't playback multiple video-streams at the same time (e.g. in the multiclip-editor)

after effects is usually slowed down by the cpu or gpu - so i'd use the ssd for the OS (which, btw., is called OSX) and other software.
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