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Mar 6, 2011
Im thinking of adding an SSD to my Mini.

Just curious what size i would need. (How on earth do you guys know that hey!?)

Well - I want NO Media on it.

Literally want it as a boot drive with my applications. I want all my data stored on the OEM 500GB drive thats already in the mini.

i know ill have to open her up and swap the positions over when installing the new drive etc but is 64GB sufficient? Or too much?

Will it be slowed down at all by having to root around for the media on a different drive? I.e fast SSD powered mini searching for the media on a 5400rpm HD?


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Apr 28, 2006
IMO the oem 5400 rpm is too slow for real world usage and is a relic from the notebook world. I agree with the previous post about a 120GB ssd. However, 120 is a paltry amount of space so many people opt for a 7200 rpm drive as the main storage disk; internal on a new Mini or external on a 2010. Seems like all the ssd evangelists are using relatively small ssd's.

As for ssd's, the cost/GB dictates not many people have 1-2TB ssd's in their Mini LOL. The CAD/CAM/CAE rig I am building will have a 1-2TB drive with a 60 or 120GB ssd strictly for a cache which some new motherboards have a special port for. Hmmm, kind of sounds like a Momentus XT doesn't it?
Btw, Seagate now offers a 750GB Momentus XT.
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