SSD + HDD in New MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by DaveOZ, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. DaveOZ macrumors regular

    May 13, 2008
    Anyone know if it would be feasible to order a new MacBook Pro with the SSD then pull out the SuperDrive and stick in a 320Gb HDD for data? I have the SSD in and I'm sure a Pro with system and apps on the SSD would just fly but this is just not enough space for all my files.

    Yes I know and external drive would help but I like to take all my files with me otherwise why have a laptop? I tried living with the Air for a few weeks as my only computer using a 320Gb USB drive but I just got bored with having to plug it in all the time and carry around with me. The above system would be the ultimate setup for as I rarely use the Superdive on my laptop and I have a USB one if I need it.

  2. Baffles macrumors regular

    May 27, 2008
    Upstate New York
    The SSD doesn't really offer much at all over a traditional spindle drive.
  3. mathcolo macrumors 6502a

    Sep 14, 2008
    I've heard boot time is decreased which may be a significant advantage for some people who need quick access to their laptop.
  4. hayduke macrumors 65816


    Mar 8, 2005
    is a state of mind.
    I'm interested to know the same. Basically, can you install two hard drives, with one in the SuperDrive's position?
  5. Baffles macrumors regular

    May 27, 2008
    Upstate New York
    People actually shut down? I just keep mine in sleep all the time, of course I use it every day.
  6. Eidorian macrumors Penryn


    Mar 23, 2005
    I have a feeling that a third party will probably make an adapter to allow the easier installation of 2.5" SATA drives to the SuperDrive connector.
  7. mathcolo macrumors 6502a

    Sep 14, 2008
    Well me too, however if one does shut down and they want quick startup, then SSD is for them.
  8. DaveOZ thread starter macrumors regular

    May 13, 2008
    It's not just start-up, applications launch MUCH faster on my Air than they do on my MBPro.
  9. LinMac macrumors 65816

    Oct 28, 2007
    Benefits of SSD:

    1) Durability: No moving parts.
    2) Power consumption: SSD use less power than similar speed spindle drives.
    3) Indirect power consumption: SSD generate less heat which could increase battery life by not heating the machine as much.

    The following is a performance comparison of various drive speeds taken with Xbench:

    Let's compare Xbench stats between the 128GB SSD in a Macbook Pro, a 80GB 5400rpm disk in a Mac Mini, and a 200GB 7200rpm HD in a Macbook Pro:

    Mac Mini (80GB 5400rpm):

    Sequential 67.22
    Uncached Write 69.74 42.82 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 68.11 38.54 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 55.76 16.32 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 79.68 40.04 MB/sec [256K blocks]

    Random 27.02
    Uncached Write 9.39 0.99 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 65.57 20.99 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 63.56 0.45 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 94.63 17.56 MB/sec [256K blocks]

    Macbook Pro (200GB 7200rpm):

    Sequential 80.05

    Uncached Write 82.40 50.59 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 96.00 54.32 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 56.37 16.50 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 103.38 51.96 MB/sec [256K blocks]

    Random 26.24
    Uncached Write 8.10 0.86 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 100.76 32.26 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 88.54 0.63 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 127.53 23.66 MB/sec [256K blocks]

    Macbook Pro (128GB SSD):

    Sequential 71.28

    Uncached Write 107.34 65.91 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 69.55 39.35 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 36.98 10.82 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 185.97 93.47 MB/sec [256K blocks]

    Random 115.88
    Uncached Write 45.71 4.84 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 102.46 32.80 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 1187.04 8.41 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 490.77 91.07 MB/sec [256K blocks]

    These test results show the SSD holds it's own pretty well just in terms of performance.

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