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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by spmiz12, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Getting a new 15" MBP; I also have a SSD drive to replace my optical drive... My question is, how do I setup just programs to run off SSD drive, and my HDD just to store data and program saved files...

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    When asked where to install each program, just pick the SSD.

    When asked to save other files, pick your HDD.
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    Install OS X to the partitioned and formatted SSD and set it as the boot device. All program installations will now load to the SSD.

    Change your home directory to the one on the hard disk by opening "System Preferences, Users" and right-click on your name (unlock first) and select "Advance Options". Change the "Home Directory" link to point to the hard disk instead of the SSD. After rebooting, all personal settings and data will be stored on the hard disk.

    You can either leave the bootable OS X on the hard disk, or clean it up (leave the Users directory alone).

    A little searching here on the forums will produce more detailed instructions if needed, as this has been discussed many times.
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    I have the system installed on my SSD, and the large folders of my home directory sym linked to the mechanical disk. Programs see it as one big disk, and everything works seamlessly.

    Here's a thread I wrote explaining what I did:

    I've had no issues since setting it up. The old SSD died a while back, and all I had to do was restore from my backup and everything worked again. I don't remember if I had to re-link the directories, but I don't think I did.

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