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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by njdevil, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Edit: I'm going to post this to the SSD sticky, probably makes more sense there than on its own. Mods feel free to delete this.

    I know this thread is full of questions regarding swapping an ODD with an SSD, gotta give you guys credit for your patience. Still, there are a few questions I haven't been able to find answers to

    I'm holding out for Mountain Lion to upgrade my HDD and add an SSD (1TB Samsung and 128GB Crucial are what I'm looking at now, if it matters). For starters, I'm not sure what order I'm supposed to do these in- I'm running SL now, and it seems unlikely ML is going to come out on a disk, so how do I get ML on the SSD? Right now the only option I can think of is 1) install the two new drives, 2) use SL disk to install OSX and 3) Use SL to download and install ML. I'm sure that would work, but are there any ways I can do it so I don't have to install one OS just to download another?

    I'm also going to be using Bootcamp for gaming pretty extensively, and I'm wondering how that works with dual drives. Should I partition the SSD into, say, 64GB for OSX and 64GB for Windows 7, and partition the HDD into 500GB/500GB, leaving me with 4 visible drives?
    Or should I leave the SSD for OSX system files, and split the HDD between OSX storage and everything for Windows? (Is that even possible?)

    Finally, while I'm updating I'd like to give my macbook as much security as possible, but I'm unsure of the best way to do that with multiple Windows and OSX drives. Can I encrypt everything with Filevault 2, or just the OSX drives? Does Filevault even encrypt partitioned drives or does it encrypt the entire physical disk?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hopefully you can burn an install disk or create a bootable USB drive with Mountain Lion, like you can with Lion. That way you do not have to install one OS to install the other OS.

    I believe you can partition Windows onto any drive inside your computer that you want? Not 100% sure on this though. Honestly I would decide which OS I will be doing the most work on, then give that OS a larger partition of the SSD. I didn't think SSD increased gaming performance a whole bunch. Thats my opinion though.

    Sorry I cannot help you with encryption. But File Vault works really well on the Mac side.

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