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Apr 6, 2006
I'm planning on buying a new Mac Pro as soon as they announce them. I'm giving my mint dual quad core to my son. We already put an ATI 5870 in it, and I was hoping to give him aa SSD.tell me if this is correct. I was going to remove my boot drive from bay 1, install it into any other bay. After installing the SSD into bay 1, I boot off the old drive, format the SSD, then install the new OS onto it. Anything else I need to know? What's a good competitively priced unit, and where should I buy it? Thanks!


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Aug 11, 2009
You don't need an adaptor. The connectors on the SSD will plug into the connector in your Mac Pro just fine. You can just use a bit of tape or a zip-tie to secure it so it doesn't hang down.
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