SSD Install now System hangs frequently

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jb56, Mar 23, 2009.

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    Mar 19, 2009
    I'm posting this hoping someone has an answer for my dilemma.

    This weekend I installed a Samsung 256 SSD in my MB Pro unibody 15. I formatted the SSD with GUID and did a zero erase. I then installed OS X from the disc that came with my laptop three months ago. This had 10.5.5 on it. Once the install was completed and the computer re-booted I came to the migration screen. I selected the option to migrate my data from the old hard drive that I connected via a SATA docking device. This then transferred my user folder, applications, preferences etc to the new drive. I then ran Software Update and installed all the updates that were relevant.

    I'm now experiencing frequent system hangs where I get the spinning beach ball. At first I thought it was related to Safari as it happens there a lot. But then this morning it's happened numerous times in the finder.

    My feeling is the problem is related to the data migration. However, I dread the thought of wiping everything and re-installing as that took me quite some time to complete on Sunday. Any suggestions on how I might remedy this problem?
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    One possibility is related to the SSD itself. There are several threads about the Jmicron controllers and the lag from the SSD's that use them. Several companies have admitted to these "lag" issues and blame the slow controllers. Some try to fix the issue with x2 to move the data faster but sounds like probably SSD vs software from what I have read.

    I've also seen people talk about using SSD's with Windows has these types of issues if you don't disable many of the HDD related setting. Would have to go find a thread with the list as I don't use windows, not familiar with each setting.

    This link: , if you skip thru some of the pages you will find a list of all the manufacturers and what controllers they use. Also may list your drive and any issues that were found while this review was being done.

    Hopefully you can sort out your issues, SSD's are so nice when working properly :)
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    Mar 19, 2009
    The drive is a Samsung 256 SSD which I don't believe has the Jmicron controller.
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