SSD M.2 , Pcie????

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ruloes, Dec 28, 2015.

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    I apologize for reanimating this solitary question but the non-thread drew my curiosity when it showed up in Similar Threads this morning. I was impressed because the OP included some great pictures of the iMac. Everyone must have been distracted with their shiny new toys that December because ruloes never got an answer for this simple query.

    Just in case someone else is interested in this issue that reappeared in the Mac mini forum today, here is a response.

    Whenever I have a similar question I start by checking the original Apple specifications and/or the EveryMac website.

    EveryMac said this about the 2012 i7 iMac:

    2012 iMac Storage Interfaces.png

    And this about the 2013 i7 iMac:

    2013 iMac Storage Interfaces.png

    It seems better to stick with the original SATA or PCIe interface since attempts to increase performance with M.2 devices will be thwarted by the host computer interface regardless of adapter hardware. Also, because of the presence of proprietary Apple connectors on certain storage items, it might be best to contact a vendor like OWC before purchasing SSD products or interface hardware. :apple:

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