SSD + partitioned HDD?

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    Jan 5, 2012
    I have a 128Gb SSD that i will put in the main HDD bay and put the current 500Gb drive in the opti-bay.

    I want to leave the 128 Gb SSD for Mac OS X Lion only.

    So, I need to install Windows 7 x64 through Boot Camp to my secondary HDD. I also want to leave part of that HDD dedicated to Lion for files, music, docs.

    My setup would be like:
    128Gb SSD with OS X Lion and apps
    250Gb Hdd partition for Lion with docs.
    250Gb Hdd partition for bootcamp(Win7)

    Can I do this?

    My idea is to make the bootcamp partion while i still only have the 500Gb drive in my mac. Next, replace the Hdd with the SSd and install Lion on it. Then put the 500Gb Hdd in the opti-bay and reformat the lion installation from the original 500Gb drive so I can use it just for storage while still keeping the bootcamp partition.

    Will this work?
    Thanks a lot!
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