Ssd performance checking s/w?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by pyzon, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Have two velocity solo x2 cards with an intel 120gb 520 ssd on each in raid 0 as my boot drive on a 2012 Mac Pro.

    Tested them with black magic and was getting about 360 write and 860 read, I know there was a post about this already but can't find it...something about apricorn saying not to use black magic to test speed...what other apps can I use? I've looked at Aja but that doesn't List my boot drive to the mean time i will keep searching..
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    To use the AJA disk test, do a "get info" on the drive, then at the bottom unlock the padlock and add yourself to the list with read & write privileges. You might also click the "gear" icon and make yourself the owner. It should work after that.

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    Cheers will try those and look at he Aja permissions
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    I posted some thoughts Apricorn and drive benchmarking in this thread...

    On Benchmarking tools...
    And if you're having trouble with AJA on boot volumes like I was, someone suggested...
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    All the applications mentioned above test read & write speed which is fair enough but they don't test access time which is the other critical metric of a disk drive.
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    Thanks, paid for Quickbench and happy with the results:2 x 120GB Intel 520, one on each Velocity x2 card.

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