SSD RAID options on 2013 Mac Pro?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Thudd, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Dec 30, 2014
    I had two 250Gb SSDs running internally on a 2008 Mac Pro configured as a 500Gb RAID-0 for Final Cut Pro 6 and got Blackmagic speeds of 508/529 mbps. Two internal hard drives configured as RAID-0 added capacity while a third SSD was the boot drive. I tested the SSD RAID on a friend's Retina iMac (USB ports) with the drives in Inateck cases and Blackmagic reported 547/772 mbps. So far so good.

    Upgrading to FCPX and not wanting an iMac, I bought a refurb 2013 Mac Pro and created a three SSD 750Gb RAID using Inateck cases plugged into the USB ports. I thought I'd get similar or faster speeds compared to the iMac but discovered too late that 376/360 mbps is top speed and the new Mac Pro's USB ports aren't very fast. I thought about getting a Thunderbolt case but the cheapest case that can hold 3-4 drives is about $380--almost the price of a 1TB SSD.

    I'm still sorting out what to do about drives with the new Mac but feel I've gone backwards with my SSDs since they're kind of useless right now--especially since I found out that Apple no longer supports trim on non-Apple SSDs. Are there any 3-4 drive Thunderbolt cases that are less than $380? Would two SSDs in a two drive Thunderbolt case with one SSD on USB give me faster RAID speeds?

    Thunderbolt docks are half the price, and with three USB ports, I'm wondering what kind of speed I could expect with a three drive SSD Raid on a dock? Is anyone doing this? I had planned on using a USB SSD RAID and eventually replacing smaller drives with larger drives, but even a Thunderbolt case doesn't seem like a better option if trim isnt working. Has anyone run into this and found a workable solution?

    I'd like to have an SSD/hard drive configuration similar to what I had on my old Mac but at a reasonable cost. I clearly didn't do enough homework before jumping to the new Mac Pro and any and all advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
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