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    Ok it's no question that dual SSD's striped delivers very good performance but what about asymmetric approaches where you have data on an hard drive and boot device as SSD. as suggested in

    So is anybody doing anything where they have either striped and mirror concurrently or SSD and HHD combinations?

    All of the examples I've seen seem to be using striped where two of the same device exists.
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    No risk at all... they said they had problems when they used the HDD where the optical drive used to be as a boot drive. as long as you keep the original designated harddrive space as the bootdrive you should be fine.

    When i get my macbook i plan on putting an Intel SDD ($325) to replace the stock HDD as my boot drive, and I'm putting in a 500GB HDD ($100) in the space where my optical drive used to be ($100 for the new HDD bay). should be a great boost in performance!

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