SSD upgrade for 20" iMac 2008 2.4GHz Core Duo

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Apple2000, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I am the owner of a 20" iMac 2008 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, with 4GB of ram and a 250GB HDD. A few questions:

    1: Can I upgrade the HDD to a Crucial M4?

    2: What would I need? I am looking at the M4 64GB. Would I need a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter? what kind of screwdrivers?

    3: Is there a good guide anywhere to the installation? Will I run into any kind of fan issues as on the current 2011 models?

    4: Is there 2 drive bays like the 2011 27", so that I could keep the 250GB in as a data drive?

    5: On snow leopard, after iLife, and Office, how much space would I have spare?

    6: Will I run into slowdowns If i fill up the SSD? Or is it advisable to keep 5-10GB of space empty?

    Thanks a ton guys.
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    Not sure if you got the information needed or if it is pertinent to you.

    1 - You can absolutely swap out the HDD with SSD, I would get some 3M double sided tape to mount the SSD.

    2 - No necessary adapters unless you absolutely want to. a few pieces of 3M double sided tape to mount the SSD to the iMac would work alright.

    3 - No fan issues, just reapply the Temp sensor from the previous HDD to the SSD.

    4 - no dual drives, and wouldnt recommend removing the Optical drive as the optical drive is ATA and not SATA

    5 - Typically OS will take over 8-15GB depending on the settings you decide to install, plus Office is fairly large maybe 1-4GB IRC, and iLife/iWork shouldnt be more than 4-10GB

    6 - Like any storage device filling up data will slow it down a bit, with SSDs theyre pretty well at maintaining performance but i wouldnt let it get less than 10GB of available space

    To perform this type of install you will need Two suction cups that you will put in the top right corner and bottom left then pull off the glass straight off.
    Remove the RAM access door
    Then removing the front bezel requires a Torx T8 Screw Driver which you will need to remove 12 T8 screws
    before pulling it off, make sure to tilt it up a bit at the top to disconnect the cable.
    Then remove two Torx T6 screws on the display cable below the display, remove cable from logic board
    Then remove 8 Torx T8 screws around the LCD/Display, then youll remove 4 cables from the back of the of the iMac and a black display sensor cable, and then tilt the display from the bottom up and remove it.

    I think iFixit might have the guide available, but that is direct from the service guide


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