SSD Upgrade for Current MacBook Airs

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by guzhogi, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone heard anything about SSD upgrades for the most current MBAs? The school district I work for is getting some for all the teachers. The stock SSD is 256 GB which is enough for most teachers, but some need far more. Instead of having a mess of external hard drives (which they'll most likely forget at home or not want to carry around), I was hoping to just replace the internal SSD. Any ideas?
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    AFAIK, the only way to upgrade the disk on the 2013 and 2014 models is to purchase one that was removed from another computer. The 2012 and earlier models have third party replacement drives.
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    There are third party solutions for MBAs up to 2012. I know that Transend is currently working on a solution for 2013/2014 MBAs as we speak. I have one in my 2012 and couldn't be happier.

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