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Mar 1, 2010


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Apr 3, 2009
i have a 160gb intel and a 256gb kingston (based on samsung controller) and the intel blows it away,

intel quotes 70mbs write

kingston is 180 mbs write.

intel will win every time when it comes to random tasks, which are the ones that matter.

i put the kingston in place of my optical drive because its great at large file access, all my virtual machines are on that drive.


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Mar 16, 2010
SSD sleep problems

So which drives are not going to have sleep issues if they're going to be put in a hard drive caddy in the optical drive slot?

I've heard rumblings of Intel and the OWC not having issues - can you guys confirm this or recommend others that don't have issues?

chopper dave

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Jul 23, 2007
Oh this is a quandary. I was going to buy an SSD for my Arrendale MBP whenever they come out, and had pretty much decided on a Sandforce-based drive, mostly because of its insane speeds, low write amplification, and resistance to degredation since OSX lacks TRIM. Sandforce drives are so fast that they nearly saturate the SATA bus, so as long as the laptop has SATA 2, I won't be able to find a faster drive.

This looks like by far the best price I will be able to get on the 100GB model, which runs $400-$450 from every manufacturer, and if history is any guide, SSDs are not really going down in price until the next generation Intel drives this Christmas. I figure that I could buy it now and save $60. There are only a few things that could derail my perfect plan:

1. Arrendale MBPs get SATA 3, meaning that I could wait for Intel G3 in Q4 and get something likely cheaper and even faster.

2. Arrendale MBPs get a BTO SSD that doesn't suck, at a minimum an Intel G2. The cost savings here plus the peace of mind from Apple Care, would make this worth it.

3. Arrendale MBPs are delayed till Q4 and I'm stuck with a $350 piece of plastic for 8 months.

What would you do in this situation?


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Sep 26, 2008
there are a few good prices at this sale.

They actually had the boxed intel 160GB g2 SSD yesterday for $399 (one day only). I've been waiting for the 160 to fall below $400, so I bought it. Looking forward to it's arrival


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Jul 10, 2007
Does ANYONE with an internet connection know how to use an apostrophe?