SSH confusion, is there a guide?

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    On my iPhone
    I have had the iPhone about 3 months and its updated to 1.1.4 and jailbroke via ziphone (love that). I also love iphysics, themes and all the installer fun. However as the firmware keeps on changing it seems the file system is tweaked so apps that worked in 1.1.2 don't work in 1.1.3 and above without moving files. Hence the SSH.

    I am aware of the SSH app on the installer but what else do I need to SSH into the phone? There are threads that talk about cyberduck, terminal, and a few other programs that I load into my Mac, Iphone, ?? But I have also read that you can do it just from your iPhone, or using the mac, too many options and now I am just confused. Plus I really do not want to put the iPhone in a bad state if I mess it up tweaking files.

    Is there a SSH for Dummy tutorial??
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    SSH into the phone using transmit. All you need is the iphone's ip, the default password for openSSH (installed on your iphone) is "alpine" and the username is "root." Also change the connection type in transmit to sftp. You'll now gain access to the files in the iphone for modification, but you better know what your doing or you can screw up your iphone.
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    Check this procedure:

    password: root or alpine

    I'm not sure if it still works with the latest firmware/jailbreak methods out there.

    With the SSH session you will connect to your iPhone from a computer, so you can copy files to the iphone like NES Roms, Ringtones, other 3rd party apps that aren't available with the App Installer sources, etc...
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