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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by jthomp, Oct 20, 2009.

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    A few weeks ago using total commander, I was able to access my iphone files via a usb connection. I am now updated to jailbroken 3.1.2, and have tried everything to access the file structure. I am not able to use wifi here at work, but I can at home, so it's not a total loss. However, if i am in the mood to edit any files or data, I am stuck. I have tried the following programs with no luck:

    itunnel + winscp
    total commander

    Does anyone know what i'm missing? Have things changed from previous OS version? Anyone have any better suggestions of an app to use?

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    I cant install programs here at work, but these may need itunes installed

    try funbox file browser, I use that on my home PC
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    I tunnel DOES work, you just need the right DLL files with it.

    Hang on I'll give you a version that works with the latest iTunes.

    It's iTunes 9.X and for iPhone OS 3.X. Worked for me.

    Oh, yea, and this DOES require iTunes to be installed.

    If all you want is File Browsing, then iFunBox does that quick and easy. This iTunnel is much more useful for SSH and VNC connections.

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    the 717
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    I was just browsing through Cydia & discovered that some lovely person has created a package to easily add the afc2 service that's missing from blackra1n, too, which is what's causing all of the programs like iPhone Browser and DiskAid not to recognize the jailbreak. I messed around for hours yesterday trying just to be able to (once again) browse system files easily & ended up having to go in via iFile and add the missing code myself. I guess this package eliminates all of that work (not that it was a ton of work, but still.)
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    Mac OS X USB IP Access via Tethering

    When you use the built-in tethering and IP network is established, thus you can access all ports via the iPhone's IP -> while it is connected via USB. So if you are running OpenSSH / AFP, you can have file system access via the finder, scp or MacFuse / MacFusion.

    A little patching of CommCenter is required, but there are also other ways to enable tethering again on 3.1.2.

    Here is more:
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    ssh via usb iphone mac osx python terminal cydia openssh

    For those users with a Mac computer who are Googling and looking for a method to ssh via usb to a current generation firmware iOS device (e.g., an iPhone 4.1), it is not only possible, but fairly easy to accomplish — you need two files — place and in the same directory on the Mac (with being chmod-ed so that it is executable, like 755) — from the terminal window inside the directory containing the two aforementioned files, type: ./ -t 22:2222 &

    For non-experts, you can then use a sftp client — the server is localhost, and the port is 2222. For ssh experts who use the terminal, you don’t need my help (I need yours). The files are here:

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