Resolved SSL connection establishment flaky on U-verse router

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    I recently switched from AT&T's DSL service to U-verse. It's their 300-level service; one bug report out there implied that routers work differently at different levels of U-verse service. I'm noticing flaky performance when establishing SSL connections. Symptoms:

    1. Establishing an SSL connection is sometimes instantaneous and sometimes takes ~1 minute and sometimes never works.
    2. If I establish a tunneling VPN connection (with ProXPN free demo), all problems disappear. Problem is clearly in the U-verse router and not my Apple computers.
    3. If I go into Chrome incognito mode, SSL connection establishment is typically instantaneous, but not always.
    4. I sometimes see a "bad certificate" message from the router.

    I think whatever SSL certificate checking the router is doing is broken. I'd like to turn all of that nonsense off. Has anyone figured this out? Thanks.
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    I believe the problem is resolved. The best source of information I found was this discussion here on .

    The problem appears to be related to requesting a dns lookup when https connections are being established. Apparently, the router is attempting to establish a connection over IPv6, and this connection must time out (about 60 seconds) before the lookup fails over IPv4. I disabled IPv6 on the NVG589 modem: and turned off IPv6 in the pull-down menu on that page, and clicked the SAVE button.

    I'm not really comfortable with this solution. I have yet to see a lucid explanation why it's happening. Is there a bug in the NVG589's firmware? Is there a problem connecting with my Airport Extreme router to the NVG589? I don't know. AT&T doesn't seem to have any sort of service bulletin posted anywhere on this problem. If anyone has a good story about what's happening, please add it to this discussion. Thanks.

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