SSL trouble (GoDaddy support agent: "I don't personally like Macs")

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by gctwnl, Nov 21, 2010.

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    Two years ago I purchased a certificate from GoDaddy because I wanted to have my Leopard Server jabberd connect securely to other jabberd servers and a self-signed cert does not work. The GoDaddy cert never worked for various reasons (one being jabberd on Leopard Server is antique). I have now migrated to SLS and decided to have a second go at it. My GoDaddy SSL certificate is almost expired, so I decided to go for a 5-domain certificate which I bought and then wanted to use.

    Following the instructions on GoDaddy's web site for Mac OS X Server 10.6 I got stuck. The help text omits many parts of the panels, and gives instructions that are incompatible with what I see. So, I enter a ticket that the help information is incorrect. I get an email with an answer pointing me to that same help information. I call the 24/7 help line and the agent tells me that they do not support third party servers, that the help information on the web site is a 'courtesy' and does not need to be correct, that he does not like Macs himself so he won't help me.

    So, official communication from GoDaddy: we do not like Macs.

    Refund time and exit GoDaddy.

    But that brings me back to my original problem. I would like a cheap SSL certificate (this is not a commercial operation, just a family server) so I can connect securely to other jabberd servers (esp. Google). A self-signed certificate won't do that trick.

    Anybody know a decent source that produces cheap certs that work on OS X 10.6 server?

    (Repost from Apple forums because I am angry at Godaddy) and because there may be some knowledgeable people here not on Apple's forums)
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    It's really quite unfortunate that they're treating you like that. GoDaddy is really losing a lot of faith with people these days. The UI is terrible mess too.

    That said, 10.6's certificate assistant is very confusing for a lot of people. Mainly because you need to go to the advanced settings to make some of the basic settings to the certificate. I believe the last time I got certificates I obtained them through NetworkSolutions. Their prices are almost identical to GoDaddy but their user interface is far superior.
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    I don't see your problem

    create a csr,
    get certificate (and intermediary certs if required)
    install certificate (and intermediary certs if required)

    if you need instructions on how to create the csr and install certificates, then your software vendor should be you're first port of call, not the certificate vendor. why should the certificate vendor provide support on software ? they provide basic support on the main servers (Apache and IIS etc) that people want certs for. just because you want to run a fairly obscure system doesn't mean that they should support you.

    that said, the godaddy website isn't great; however their certs work, and they are cheap. how much support did you think you were paying for ?
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    If you just asked me where I would recommend getting a cheap SSL cert, I would have said to go to GoDaddy. I actually just got one two days ago and with the help of their tech support (and their online documents) was able to get it successfully installed on iMac running 10.6 for a personal mail server. It worked flawlessly and quickly.

    At work we use Thawte, but that is a much more expensive route. On the other side is something like They have cheap certs, but as the saying goes "you get what you pay for".

    My only assertion I will make is that, on any given day, with any given company, you make two phone calls to their support staff and you could have a very good experience AND a very bad experience; however, i absolutely understand not patronizing a company that treats you as GoDaddy's support rep did in your experience.
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    I have multiple hosted sites and have purchased certs from GoDaddy for years and I think their service is exceptionally good. I have had issues resolved quickly and happily by their tech support people bar none. As a matter of fact I'd rate them at the top in being a pleasure to talk to. As for hating macs.... not in my experience, it's certainly not a company policy, just that one guys.

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