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    My Aperture, iTunes, and my iPhoto libraries are on my Accelsior SSD in my MP3,1. All pictures and music files are referenced, but the libraries still are pretty big. From time to time I backup these to my NAS, which is a ReadyNAS Pro, connected via Gigabit Ethernet.

    I am rcurrently running one of these copies, and thus far the iPhoto library has taken 2 hours to copy across 1.04GB (of 27.63GB), and the estimated time to complete is "About a day". What is so slow? I can usually copy a 1GB file across to the NAS in seconds, and although I understand that these libraries are indeed "containers" of thousands of files, I do not understand what is causing such terrible speeds.

    I connect to the NAS using AFP, and as I said, everything else is super fast....
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    Maybe one of the hard disks is starting to fail, and reads (or writes) are being redone, and redone, and redone, and redone, and redone until finally it works. Then the same thing happens to the next block, and the next block, and the next block, and the next block, and the next block.

    The net effect is that disk bandwidth drops off considerably due to the repeated attempts.

    This kind of early failure can appear even though the SMART status says the disk is ok.
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    Nope, not the NAS. I checked the SMART info, and it has been a an issue for a long time, just one which I am tired of now.

    I know copying 275,000 files across from my MP to the NAS is a slow and painstaking process, but I just wonder why? A lot of people complain about this, and there has to be an answer. Zipping the file first seems to be the one suggested, but unzipping a 27GB file is also very very slow.
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    One thing to consider is for Aperture you're dealing with a lot of small files, so that increases the overhead in copying. I noticed that copying my Aperture Library over to my qnap NAS is slower then copying a large set of files.

    With that said, copying 50gig library too a few hours (using ethernet)

    Download and run BlackMagic and see how your NAS performance is. I'll try to post my times later on this morning.
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    Jan 25, 2008
    I do not think it is the NAS performance putting any limitations in my case. BlackMagic show a constant score on read/write speeds around 100MBps.

    The Pioneer Pro is a fast NAS, and mine is configured with 3TB Hitachi discs.

    The "only" thing that is slow is copying these big libraries to it, and deleting them as well.

    Funny thing is that when I RSYNC backup to my backup NAS (a ReadyNAS Ultra 2) it is pretty fast, even when backing up the libraries...

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