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    Jan 4, 2010
    While deciding whether or not to wait for the refresh, one of my main concerns is stability and whether or not I will feel the speed upgrades anyways. I've read that there are consistently problems with MBPs after they are updated for a couple weeks/months, and I am mainly looking for a machine that will serve my needs and will last me longer down the road without hardware failures and other problems.

    Which leads me to the question about whether I will feel the speed increases anyway. I will buy the baseline 13" model and was wondering if there is really going to be that much of an upgrade anyway. I will likely only use it for internet, writing papers, and gaming on occasion. (are games such as WoW expected to benefit any from the new Arrandale chips? Or is it more things like rendering video)? Because if I will not feel any speed upgrades than I rather just buy the current stable 13" model and upgrade the RAM and such.
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    There will be a speed increase, for sure. It will probably be noticeable. Unfortunately, we do not know what it entails yet.
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    You have to remember that the majority of people who post here, do so reporting problems. Many people who don't have any problems with their MBP don't post anything.

    My 2.53GHz MBP has been very stable and problem free. I would not worry about the current models being stable or not. I cannot answer what apple will have in the future but for me its been a great machine.

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