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Mar 19, 2013
Hello there.

First of all I just wanted to say that I've tried to google for this answer a lot before entering this forum, but I simply can't seem to figure this out. I have tried looking on this forum as well to see if there were any similar thread, but as I couldn't find any I'll take the risc of creating a new one.

I've just ordered an iPad 4 along with a back cover from devicewear (union shell), and I'm now looking to buy a stand which is both stable and flexible. I've found many different nice options of course, but the problem that I've been facing is wheter these stands are compatible with back covers or not; as obviously the back cover will add some extra thickness to the back of the iPad. Instead of mentioning every single type of stands that I wonder over, I thought I wanted to just ask you people; do any of you know a stand with great stability and flexibility which also fits with back covers (i.e the union shell).

(With stability and flexibility I mean so that I can easily switch angle depending on how I want it, preferably 360°, and I also want it to be stable so that when I write/play a game/surf the web etc. it doesn't wobble too much, it must be stable)

Any link, help or tip would be greatly appreciated, and I would like to thank you in advance.



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Have you looked into the Moshi VersaCover Origami? It comes in three colors for the iPad 2, 3 and 4: Black, Translucent and White. And it has a back cover included.

Otherwise, the Incipio Smart Feather plus a Apple Smart Cover might be what you're looking for.

- or the Apple Smart Case, which incorporates a back cover.


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Aug 21, 2011
Apple iPad Cover

i use the smart apple ipad cover since day one and its great.
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