Stacks for iPhone/Touch: Proof of concept


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Jul 10, 2007
Over at TUAW, they report a pretty cool implementation of Stacks feature in Leopard on the Touch (which of course can also be done on iPhone).

Link to article - > (hit smilee) :)

Link to video -> (hit smilee) :p


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May 26, 2006
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How many apps do you need though?

I'm thinking 4 stacks with 5 apps in each would be more than enough. Then the main part of the home screen could hold the original iPod/iPhone apps. Very nice.


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Oct 14, 2007
Pretty cool idea, but I like the idea of the icon on your home screen. Unless of course, you don't like all the clutter. I probably wouldn't use it, but someone try it and tell us how it works!
Awesome, but it could get a bit rubbish when you have tons of apps...
I like a lot of these ideas, but they fall apart for most people when they go to use them. For example, I loved the idea of the starburst Dock, but after installing it, I quickly uninstalled it probably before the day was over. I'm betting that when Apple finally gets around to allowing more apps into the system, they're going to have a fairly clean solution... possibly similarly Leopard-esque. They always get boffed for stomping on developers' work (even if that work is derivative from their own), so it should be amusing to see what happens.

~ CB
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