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Mark Stone

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Mar 20, 2022
In its case.
I updated to iPadOS 16.1 yesterday and am experiencing some freeze-ups when using Stage Manager.

This morning I was balancing the ol’ checkbook, and when using Stage Manager my Spreadsheet (Google Sheets) freezes until I go into Settings and shut off SM. I had Sheets, Google Drive, and the Bank’s app open. As soon as I turn off the stage manager feature, everything is back to normal and the spreadsheet works again.

Anyone else experiencing this?


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Nov 2, 2011
Czech Republic
It really is a little buggy. It froze only once, but I had to lock-unlock it just to see every window refreshing, like it was flushing the RAM. On base M1.
It tells you a lot how much Apple is (not) confident about iPadOS 16. Came a month later with it’s arguably biggest feature turned off on default.
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