Stainless Steel irritating skin

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by macness, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Anybody else get irritated skin when they where stainless steel? Some watches do and some dont foe me. The back of my G-Shock is stainless steel and i've been fine as long as i've had it, but other stainless steel rear watch plates and bands have caused my skin to get red and itchy? Maybe the Aluminum Sport watch will be different.

    heres an article i've fount from Swatch explaining a similar Topic.
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    If you Google "Apple nickel allergy", the instances seem relatively few and far between, and usually solved by using a case.

    Of course, that wouldn't be a great solution for a watch (although I suppose a plastic shield sticker under it would help).

    It'll depend on the alloy used and how well the nickel is bound to it.

    With ~10% of the US population (and much higher in some countries) allergic to nickel, one would think that Apple will pay special attention to this with their Watch.

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