Stalled Print Queue / Networked Ink Jets / Power Sequencing

Discussion in 'macOS' started by vsc, May 25, 2018.

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    I'm posting this here given someone might know a transparent workaround for a problem which occurs with OS-X's print queue related to the sequence of events for networked' ink jet printers. Notable is that the behavior discussed below has been present in multiple major releases of OS-X, where the issue only appears to effect ink jet printers not other network printers such as HP LaserJets or Brother multifunction laser printers.

    In short if a print job is queued to an Ethernet networked ink jet (e.g. HP or Epson) and the printer is off or perhaps not on the network when the job is queued, OS-X is unable to locate the printer even when the printer is eventually powered up and active on the network. Prior behavior is that OS-X would periodically attempt to connect to the printer and eventually print the job(s) in the queue. At this point the only recourse is the pause, then un-pause, after ensuring the printer is ready on the network where the jobs are then printed.

    Clearly one could leave their printers on 100% of the time, but in my case I don't. Obviously I have a workaround but it forces me to manually watch the printer ensuring it ready on the network and then bound the queue in/out of a paused state to force OS-X to retry looking for the printer. It's interesting this behavior only appears to apply to ink jets, where everything else laser recovers when the printer becomes active on the network (e.g. laser queue don't stall if the printer isn't ready on the network when a job is queued).

    Note that I have filed a bug report with Apple for every major release going back years, where Apple simply closes the report without comment. Perhaps Apple assumes ink jet printers are USB attached (e.g. works) or simply doesn't care.

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    Static in the sense that the DHCP server hands them effectively a static IP address.

    I should have included in my initial post that resetting the print queues does nothing to resolve this problem, though that appears to be a formula answer that shows up when doing a search on OS-X print queue issues.

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