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Feb 5, 2016
West Jordan, Utah
Just started noticing on my stand ring, several times a day, I can be sitting at the computer, or in a chair watching TV, and I get a little tap on my wrist. Check it out, and even though sitting for the last hour plus, I see my stand ring has completed the 12 hours of standing for the day. Odd. Also, during the day, I notice credit for standing even though I have been sitting for well over the hour.
Anyone else?


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Sep 23, 2014
It's all in how you move your arm. If you are sitting or laying down, and you stretch your arms it will record that as a stand up. At work I have a VeriDesk so I stand the whole 8 hours, it nudges me to 'Stand-Up' even though I've been standing that whole hour :mad:, but I haven't been moving my arms that much as I'm typing or moving the mouse, so I'll take a quick walk around the office until my AW logs my stand-up for that hour. It's annoying.


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May 11, 2006
I haven't found this ring to be especially helpful either. It more accurately reflects general activity level rather than standing. I can have days where I work exclusively outdoors performing light duties (yet standing) for 16+ hours. The ring doesn't reliably close. However, seated gym activity will often contribute if sufficiently dynamic.
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Jul 1, 2015
i think it depends, if your arm is hanging or stays in a horizontal position. if i sit in my chair, i just have to dangle my arm and the watch counts it as standing


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Nov 14, 2011
I really wish the stand ring could be removed from the activity rings. For two months now I’ve closed every ring every day EXCEPT for the stupid stand ring. I walk at least 5 miles every day and I know I’m standing for more than 1 minute throughout the day yet the Apple Watch algorithms don’t consider it standing. So stupid.
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