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Jun 12, 2013
Hi guys,

Not sure if I am the only one thinking about this, though I don't think I am. In the iPhone 6 Plus segment od the keynote, Apple made a deal about the landscape mode of it, and how it was a superior way of interacti with the interface.

I was messing around with my iPhone 6 earlier on mail and other apps, personally, with a lot of them I don't see the fuss, especially things like messages, do people honestly switch between contacts enough to warrant them being int he sidebar. Anyway, back to the point, comparing the interface of landscape mail to my previous 4S I question whether there should at least be the *option* to engage some sort of landscape aspect for the standard 6. I think there would be space?

What are your thoughts, not just in mail, but in oher apps as well?


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Aug 2, 2010
I had the plus before switching to the 6 and never liked using messages or the homescreen in landscape. Typing was more comfortable to me in portrait. Its all personal preference though. But yeah Apple wanted to make these features exclusive to the plus - it would have been easy to put them on the 6 also.
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